Friday, February 27, 2009

Too Sick for the Desert

Luxor, Egypt

We had ambitious plans, let me tell you. We were going to take our overnight sailboat trip from Aswan to Luxor, stay one night in Luxor, have one day of vigorous sightseeing and then take an overnight train to Alexandria, where we would get a bus off to the Western Desert. It was going to be whirlwind fast; we were going to see this whole damn country in about a week.

We were just too damn tired, though, and I was getting cranky. Then we decided to stay two nights in Luxor, which turned into three when our desert plans were scaled back, and then became four when Linda and I both started expelling everything in our digestive system from whatever orifice was most convenient.

I’m feeling much better today. Linda’s still a little sick. But our Egyptian adventure is basically over, without us ever really getting out to the desert. We’re taking an overnight train to Cairo tonight, and in the next couple of days, Nate and Linda are flying to Berlin and Erin and I are flying to Frankfurt.

There is no desert in Germany. We’re finished with the desert. Seeing as how everyone’s skin is flaking off and noses are bleeding for no discernable reason, I guess we’ll be fairly glad to be done with the desert.

I’m not feeling particularly wordy today, (I must have preempted my usual verbal diarrhea with yesterday’s outburst of the other kind) but I know that there’s always demand for pictures. Erin uploaded a whole bunch of cool photos of Jordan at

And now, I'll tell the story of our trip to Egypt.

We saw a whole bunch of cool stuff.

Then we went sailing...

...and our boat broke.

The boat being broken made Nate unhappy.

Then they fixed the boat, we went to Luxor and we saw loads more cool stuff.

And then Linda and Ben did some extreme pooping.

(Photo not available)

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